Rock Your Fro & Coat

After the almost overwhelming support on my recent post on natural hair in the medical arena, I decided to go forward with the dream campaign that I’ve held in my heart for some time now. If you’re in medical school/profession/dreaming of the likes, this shirt is for you. “Our natural”, as my friend Kimyra put it, is beautiful and we need to stand up for it in any way we can. I’ve started a new TeeSpring campaign to sell shirts that have a logo and catch phrase on the back. FROS & COATS. Whether you’re black, white, or purple you can understand and support this cause.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 6.49.16 AM

I will not sit on my blog and complain about the hardships that people of color experience without trying to be a part of the solution and bring awareness to the need for change. From #BlackLivesMatter to Beyoncé, the media is starting to “see” what the fro-ed community has seen all along. I’m not pressuring anyone into buying this shirt. I’ll buy all of them if I have to but I wanted to let you know that they were available if you wanted show support.

And if, by chance, you see this post after the campaign is over, you can still like and share the links because the more people that see it and want the shirt, the quicker the campaign will reopen! #Technology

Also I’ve made the shirts as cheap as TeeSpring would let me. This isn’t about money; I honestly just want people to rock the shirt/message!

Thanks lovelies. Back to studying I go! XX!

P.S. Spread the word with #FrosAndCoats


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