Candle of the Month | February 2016

DSC_0128 (2)A little late, and I’ll definitely try to get these out earlier but before February ends, I want to share my favorite candle this month. I bought this (hidden) gem at Publix grocery store and would never have expected to fall so deeply in love with it. With the Valentine’s Day festivities earlier this month, love and Love Paris by Royale Classics was definitely in the air.

I enjoy earthy candles that make my house smell like a home and I was immediately intrigued by this blend of (almost mahogany scented) tree bark and flowers. Being a slightly inexpensive candle ($10.00), there isn’t much of a description of the scent it gives but if you’re into romance and roses, this is a candle for you. And honestly, even if you’re too busy thinking about rhodopsin to consider romance (like this medical student), you’ll probably love it I wouldn’t normally have gone for something so “girly” but it was a pleasant surprise and addition to my collection. That and it lasted ALL month. Would I repurchase? Absolutely. Would I gift? Undoubtedly!

Thanks for reading, lovelies. Tell me what candles I should buy next! XX!


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