Tensegrity Ball OOTN

Have you ever heard of Med School Prom? Well ours was a couple of nights ago. Everyone got all dressed up and went out to eat, drink, and be merry and NOT study. I’m sharing my look from that night because I was so in love with the theme and my outfit. It was a night to celebrate our accomplishments thus far and look forward on the glorious task  and responsibility of being the voice and hands of our future patients. Tensegrity is a characteristic of many members that allows for the least amount of tension to be felt on any one. Not only should the human body work in this way but, as an osteopathic medical student, I am looking forward to when I and my future team will have a similar connection.

Anyway. Pictures.


Dress: I’ve worn this before and I’m not exactly sure where I found it but you can find similar ones at Zara/ASOS

DSC_0211Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Bag: I’m not entirely sure where this came from but any prom store will have bags like this!

IMG_1609Earrings: Charter Club

Mask (that I didn’t wear for the masquarade part of the ball because I LOVED my makeup too much): Etsy

Hair: Inspired by MyNaturalSistas

Makeup: Myra Robinson

Speaking of makeup, the amazing makeup artist, Myra, from Pensacola surely hooked these med students up!IMG_1625

Follow me on Snapchat/Instagram for more pics lovelies. Have a great day and let me know what you’ll be wearing this upcoming (med school) prom season!

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