Tea of the Month | March 2016

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This month’s tea was actually gifted to me by my father. The Twinings Chai is warm and sweet and spicy. It’s basically me in tea form. In the midst of drinking sweet tea and lemonade to prepare for Spring and Summer, I found this almost full box sitting in the back of my cupboard.

FullSizeRender 9This black tea has its roots in India. The cinnamon is delicious and the ginger reminds me of home. It’s sweet without sugar but most days I will use a teaspoon of honey with my tea. The website lists it as an afternoon tea but I almost always drink it in the morning because even as a coffee addict, this special blend is enough to wake me up in the morning.

What’s better? The Twinings brand is amazing in that it supports community health. I can appreciate that even from across the Atlantic. There are 50 teabags in this carton and I would love to say that I would repurchase but because it is a European brand, I probably wont.

Thanks for reading lovelies. I’ll see you real soon! XX!

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