Tea of the Month | April 2016


This month’s tea is TAZO’s Berry Trifle. It is a delicious black tea mixed with the boisterous flavors of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. It is undeniably sweet and has a spring time flare to it. The fruit flavor with the caffeine is something that this medical student couldn’t turn down. This is unlike any black tea that I have ever tasted. I think this is because TAZO has added actual freeze-dried pieces of fruit in each of the fifteen tea bags. In fact, I would not even know that Berry Trifle had a black tea base if I didn’t read it for myself. The berries, especially the blueberry flavor, is strong and sweet with a beautiful boldness that is reminiscent of Celestial Season’s True Blueberry Tea!


At first sip, the tea is sweet but it does have a bit of a bitter aftertaste and for that I add about 2 teaspoons of honey. I am one to drink my tea without any sweetener but I used the honey to balance the flow of flavors of this tea.

The thing that I love most about the TAZO website is that they give lots of information about their ingredients and even discuss how one should brew his or her tea. The Berry Trifle is a new spring/summer favorite and, not to mention, study-aid. I drink it in the mornings, evenings, or whenever I need a sweeter pick-me-up than coffee. I’m definitely recommending this tea to all tea lovers and adventurous classmates.

Thanks for liking, sharing, and commenting. I will see you real soon, lovelies! XX!

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