Candle of the Month | July 2016

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Guys. This is. By far. My new favorite candle. Where do I even begin? I’ll start with the fact that I never pick up candles without extravagant designs as part of the packaging but I was definitely led to this one. The Bath & Body Works’ Wine Cellar is a beautiful mix of fruit and luxury that makes my single woman’s home smell as grand and seasoned as my grandmother’s house.  FullSizeRender 2There are those earthy undertones that I love but this candle rings an undeniable memory bell of vineyard as it has a touch of patchouli and saffron. And all though there are no vineyards where my family is from, whenever I burn it I am transported back to the family home in Guyana as my lowly apartment becomes warm and cozy and takes on a well-worn and well-lived feel.

I knew that this candle was a keeper when I started getting compliments without pointing it out. It is strong and overpowering at times but I have never heard or spewed out any complaints about being overpowered by it. It’s a good feeling. This candle is a keeper that I will repurchase time and time and time again. And it’s actually one that I will gift to friends and family as well. It is the perfect medium between the earthy manly scents and feminine fruity ones that I’ve been battling with over the past few months.

Give it a try lovelies. And PLEASE! Tell me what you think. I’ll see you real soon. XX!

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