Candle of the Month | November 2016

Finally back in the swing of things and here to talk about a new favorite candle. Sweater Weather by Bath and Body Works is no newbie. People have been raving about this bad boy forever and I’ve only gotten my little mittens on this candle within the last few days. Why? Well because I wanted to do the Sweater Weather Tag on YouTube Channel. But did I expect to love this candle so so so much? No. Let’s talk about it, shall we?


This three-wick candle from Bath & Body Works is made with the fragrance oils and vegetable wax. The wicks are said to not burn out and provide for an even melting of the candle (which is extremely important to me). It has a beautiful packaging that gets you oh so so in the mood for Christmas but the scent is even more perfect.

The sage mixed with the juniper berry provide a fresh scent to this candle and it is strong enough to fill an entire room. There are also hints of a calming eucalyptus and fresh wood that give the candle a more earthy feel as it burns. I’m definitely sold and I think I’ll be making this purchase ever autumn.

Other consumers make note that the candle’s color has changed and, with it, the scent has improved and is more relaxing as “the eucalyptus really blends well with the juniper and sage to create a really pleasant, complex aromatic profile.” I, unfortunately, cannot speak to this but know that I would definitely recommend this candle to anyone looking for a cozy and calming autumn candle.

Thanks for reading lovelies. Let me know if you give Sweater Weather a try! Until next time, XX!


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