Board Study During Christmas Break


For an entire semester I had whispered plans of studying for boards but when December rolled around, and I realized that I had done zero things, I began to panic a little. I knew what I wanted to get done before the Spring semester and I was so so so far from achieving that goal. So, I did something that some may think crazy. I studied during Christmas break.

In this past month, I went through ALL of Sketchy Medical, ALL of Pathoma, and ALL of the DIT Primer Series. Now, before people start calling me names, let me explain myself. DIT Primers make sense obviously. One a day. We got this. But Pathoma? Sketchy? How much work was I doing every day? Once I got into the motion of working every day, I began to realize that I had actually done many of the Pathoma, Micro, and Pharm lectures before and it was much like a refresher for me. For the pathology that I have not covered yet (for my upcoming Endocrine, GI, and Repro courses), I simply listened and didn’t take notes, as I will continue to use these resources, as I always have, during the semester’s work.

All of the work that I’ve completed is filed away in a cute pink binder that I will keep for reference as I move forward. Studying for my boards will be a huge undertaking and I’m grateful that I got the start that I did.

Family came first and I got lots of hours of sleep and movie watching with my sister and cat. I wasn’t overran or overstressed at all and I never became confused about my priorities. Studying is important but spending time with loved ones and sanity are also important. If you follow me on social media, then you saw how much fun I was having while balancing with the work I needed to do.

January means that COMLEX Level 1 is less than six months away. I have to develop the next leg of my plan but wanted to share what my first steps were, just in case anyone in classes under me wanted to see how to tackle studying during breaks.

Check out my Semester Rundowns here and here!

Thanks for reading lovelies. Comment down below any studying tips you’ve picked up along the way. Until next time! XX!


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