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The best heels in medicine and such an incidental find! I’m here to let you all know about my favorite heels to wear. They aren’t high, uncomfortable, or hideous. So they’re perfect for class and (I’m assuming) rotations.

I first found the Comfort Plus heels when looking for something to wear with my “power suit” for my medical school interviews. I just needed something. Anything. And so I bought them, not knowing how much I’d fall in love with them.


As a shoe girl, you must know that it takes a lot for me to say that I don’t wear ANYTHING else when I’m headed to class or patient encounters. I actually wore my first pair out. It took two years so you know these babies last long. I recently repurchased a pair in black and a pair in taupe. I have truly fallen in love with these shoes and their classic fit and look.

They go with any outfit and are perfect for the working woman. You can keep them on all day. I do. And my days are much much much longer than eight hours. What’s better? For us little girls, the pointed toe elongates your legs and you still get that lifted look that you’re always longing for.


The Comfort Plus heels by Predictions can be found at Payless for $30.

Give them a try and tell me what you think. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.



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