Me-Time in Med-School


Before we get into the good stuff, I just wanted to let you lovelies know that this blog post is in collaboration with Samantha from The Sophisticated Student. So after you read about how I relax and find serenity, head on over to her blog and get some more ideas as to how you can find the best of “me-time” while in school.

The best way to start off a day of relaxation is with a bath. I don’t mean a shower. I mean a B-A-T-H! I love Lush products for the post-test bath. My ride or die is the Twilight bath bomb. I love how the lavender scent fills my entire bathroom. I also love how my skin feels after soaking in the soothing oils. If I’m in an extra special mood and need to unwind even more, I’ll light one of my favorite candles and listen to jazz as my baby hairs drift further and further into the bathwater.

There’s no telling how long I’ll stay in the bathtub. But once I get out, there is one thing on my mind. Maybe two. Comfy pajamas and my bed. Also, a sheet mask never hurt anyone. The Anti-Aging Papaya Skin Revitalizing Sheet Mask is my favorite. It smells so good.

It’s sometimes very hard to find enough time to do the things you want as a medical student. Now that I’m super close to boards it’s even more stressful. After I’ve bathed, destressed, laughed, and had an amazing mini facial, I like topour a warm cup of peppermint tea and reach back into my life-before-medical-school brain and read. I’m a bookie and love love love reading. Right now I’m TRYING to make it through Go Set A Watchman.

There are times, however, when it is completely impossible to make your brain read actual English words. And this is why I love If you’ve been with my blog long enough (like in my pre-med days) you’ll remember how I raved abut how Audible saved me many nights with my reading assignments/enjoyments as I got through my English major. Well, guess what, I still use it today. If you’re into audio books or thinking about getting into audio books, the only company to turn to is

Thanks for reading lovelies. Make sure you go over to Samantha’s blog and let us know if you use any of these techniques to unwind.



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