Current Wishlist | Spring 2017

Since we both enjoyed looking at my winter wishlist, I decided to come back with another list of treasures that I’ll be dreaming about as I study for boards.




Clearly, I love shoes. And I love looking at shoes even more. These specific ones are eye candy for replacements of some of the staples in my closet that have just run their course.

Also, in my humble part-time fashion blogger opinion, satin is definitely making a reappearance this season. It’s “in” and so I definitely want to get my hands on a satin piece.

I understand that you shouldn’t shop for “what’s hot.” You should always wear what you feel comfortable in…but if every once in a while you like being on trend, try putting together a look with a distressed boyfriend jean and a bodysuit underneath. I’ve been seeing this pop up on other blogs and Instagram posts and I also think that the look is FIRE! I’ll be rocking this for sure AKA I know of two pieces in my wishlist that I’m definitely purchasing.

See anything you like? Anything you looking forward to in the coming weeks and months?

As always, you can click on the items and the links will take you directly to the individual shops. I hope this was helpful to someone who is thinking of growing his or her wardrobe. I’ll see you real soon lovelies.



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